Expression of Interest for Grant Agent of Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Grant in Balochistan

  1. You may be aware that the Secondary Education Department, Government of Balochistan is working in partnership with UNICEF and with financial support of Global Partnership for Education to develop its second Education Sector Plan.

  2. This Balochistan Education Sector Plan (BESP) will be five-year plan starting from 2020. If your agency has been participating in the meetings of the Local Education Group (LEG), you will be aware that we have completed a comprehensive analysis of the education sector in Balochistan and a draft scope of work for the next plan has been endorsed by the LEG. In terms of funding modality, the LEG has endorsed to receive this GPE grant as a project in support of the Education Sector Plan.

  3. This has led to the important phase of selecting the next grant agent for the implementation grant.

  4. Secondary Education Department will follow standard GPE guidelines for selection of the grant agent. It is in this connection that I am writing to your good self. Being an international organization, you may be a multilateral agency partner or a GPE donor country which makes you a potential candidate to apply for selection as grant agent.

  5. We look forward to receiving an expression of interest from your agency and to our partnership if your agency is selected.

  6. Detail terms of reference for the sector plan implementation grant agent are enclosed with this letter.

  7. We look forward to receiving an expression of interest from your organization.

    Following organizations are eligible to become ESPIG (GPE) Grant Agents

  1. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  2. Agence française de développement (AFD)
  4. Concern International
  5. Department for International Development (DFID)
  6. Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)
  7. Save the Children UK
  8. Save the Children USA
  9. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
  10. The Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)
  11. The World Bank Group
  12. UNESCO
  13. UNICEF

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