Background of Department

  • Education department realized the significance for the student learning achievement in province. For this purpose, the department has decided to establish Balochistan Examination Assessment Commission (BEAC) to conduct grade V and VIII standardized examination throughout the province. A standardized examination system is designed in such a way that the question paper, administration of papers, marking and scoring procedures, and interpretations are consistent and it is administered and scored in a predetermined, standard manner. This will help to compare the performance among the districts, schools and between public and private students’ performance. Results from standardized exam can also help inform educational policy, school improvement, or instructional practice and develop an action plan. This concept paper encompasses the introduction of Balochistan Examination and Assessment Commission (BEAC) that will be responsible for the conduction of the standardized examination of grade V and VIII of the public and private sector schools in the province. At pilot bases, in year 2015, grade VIII standardized exam will be conducted at provincial level in winter zone schools.

Mandate and Object of Department

  • Improve the quality of examination at all levels to shift away from testing of memory to assessment of critical analytical ability
  • Shift to curriculum based examinations from textbooks based ones.
  • Ensure credibility of public examinations at all levels.
  • Enhance provincial capacity to develop and conduct quality examinations.
  • Develop provincial capacity to conduct diagnostic assessments to support decisions on systemic improvements.

Organogram of the Organization

Initiative of Departmnet

  • Establioshment of BEAC
  • Staff Adjustment /Posting
  • Conduction of Grade -8 Examination

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