Vision and Mission of Department


  • PPIU is an efficient body comprising professionals of requisite expertise to coordinate, facilitate and compliment the efforts of the Education Department for development Education. It has to ensure effective implementation of the decision with an over sight on the interventions by each and every implementation agency/partner inside and outside the Government.

OBJECTIVES of Department


  • Establish the PPIU as a delivery unit to plan, monitor (including promoting BEMIS), and coordinate (internally and externally)
  • Understand and implement best practices to improve donor project effectiveness and increase government commitment

Challenges of Department

    Attracting staff and technical assistance of sufficient quality::

  • Establishing routines and working practices
  • Preventing high staff turnovers
  • Building a delivery network to link the provincial department to the districts
  • Obtaining strong leadership backing and commitment to the PPIU and its role
  • Structuring donor support to encourage sustained leadership commitment to implementation
  • Aligning donors around a focused set of priorities

    Role of PPIU::

  • Lead planning Lead the planning and coordination of education sector initiatives Develop
    • Policy in coordination with relevant provincial departments
    • Develop sector plans and action plans
    • Undertake occasional targeted research in support of planning (e.g. understanding the major barriers to access)
  • Monitor performance and implementation
    • Further develop the BEMIS system to provide more information on the performance of schools
    • Monitor implementation of initiatives, with regular meetings to assess what has been done and what results have been achieved
    • Commission third party evaluations of impact
  • Coordination and communication
    • Communicate sector and action plans throughout the system
    • Coordinate implementation of key priorities (e.g. textbook improvement
    • Ensure coordination (not just communication) between government agencies, districts, donors, and the provincial leadership

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